The Speculaas Spice Company




Learn how easy it is to make speculaas

biscuits with wooden moulds.


It takes just five easy steps:


* get one of our wooden moulds

* oil your wooden mould

* prepare your vandotsch speculaas

  spice mix infused dough

* use your mould to make speculaas

   biscuit dough figurines

* bake your speculaas biscuits


Using our eBrochure, you will be

making delicious tasting and smelling

speculaas biscuits in no time.


Get 10% off


If you would like to buy any of our wooden moulds, for your own baking and/or as gifts, please take advantage of our discount offer of 10% off with your next wooden moulds purchase. Following download of this eBrochure I will email you with your discount code.


Happy vandotsch speculaas spice baking times ahead!



The Speculaas Spice 'Master Chef'

eBrochure: How to Make Speculaas Biscuits With Wooden Moulds

How To Make Speculaas Biscuits with Wooden Moulds in Five EASY Steps-001

What is in this eBrochure

Make your own biscuits with wooden molds


Now you too can make great looking and tasting Dutch speculaas biscuits including windmill biscuits and cookies.


Download Here for £1.99


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Become a master speculaas biscuit baker in five easy steps